Team Formation

  1. CYO Volleyball is open to girls entering grades 5, 6, 7 and 8th.
  2. We target 10 girls to a team.  However, we may have as few as 9 and up to 12.
  3. If we are unable to find a sufficient number of coaches, then we will need to have fewer teams with more girls on each team.  This is unfortunate as it reduces playing time and makes it very difficult for a coach to manage.  The message here is to please volunteer to coach or co-coach a team!
  4. Switching to another team.  Once you are assigned to a team it is almost impossible to switch as the ripple effects can be challenging for all.  Please don’t ask about switching.
  5. We cannot accept coach requests.  If you loved your coach, chances are everyone loved them.
  6. Team selection criteria:  
    1. 5th grade teams are not divided into A and B teams. Teams are created with the intention that they are balanced.
    2. Evaluations will be held to determine A and B teams for grades 6, 7 and 8.   The evaluation schedule is below.  Evaluations will be held at St. Patrick’s gym.  
      • Grade 6:  Mid-August
      • Grade 7:  Mid-August
      • Grade 8:  Mid-August
      • No evaluations will be held for Grade 5; teams will be balanced based on previous volleyball experience.
    1. We want to ensure an even number of players on each team.  
    2. We strive for a balance of kids from each school on each team, if possible.  While it’s likely that each player will have a classmate on their team, playing CYO also allows them to foster friendships with players from other schools.
  1. We cannot accept friend requests.  Please don’t ask. There are usually over 120 girls in the CYO program and, as you can see from the above, selecting and assigning teams is a thoughtful and complex process.  Trying to match friends in addition to everything else we are trying to achieve adds an unnecessary complication.
  2. “A” team vs “B” team.  Again, the goal is to have skilled A teams and balanced B teams.  We also want to match the skill level of players to the team that best fits their ability.   The evaluation process is not perfect, but there are benefits to be had and lessons to be learned whether your player is on an A team or B team.   Please encourage your player to look for these benefits despite possible disappointments.
  3. Refunds. Full refunds are granted only before team formations. If your daughter tries out and decides she does not want to play, you must let us know BEFORE teams are announced.St. Pat’s CYO is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  The work and time spent prior to when the season starts is significant.